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website monitoring

We offer:

  • Remote web site uptime monitoring tool;
  • Free online http/https availability checker;
  • Web host up and down sms alerts;
  • Online web page downtime monitor;
  • Free external web server uptime checker;
  • Remote ping and traceroute test for server;
  • SQL database uptime tracking;
  • SNMP checking and monitoring;
  • Web site speed and surveillance checker;
  • External availability test without any script;
  • Webserver performance checker;
  • Online service for website uptime checking.

Main Features of the System

  • Possibility to receive error notifications both to your Email, ICQ, GTalk or cell-phone via SMS;
  • Possibility to receive specified (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) reports;
  • Accumulation of availability statistics with further reporting;
  • Resource accessibility instant check.
  • Uptime button;
  • Distributed monitoring;
  • Instant site check;
  • Monitoring period – every 1/5/15/30/60 minutes;
  • The HEAD/POST/GET HTTP-methods support;
  • Keyword presence control of a page;
  • more ...
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