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Our monitoring network  
Our monitoring network
Location Status Hosting Partner
Falkenstein, German Ok Hosting
Bangkok, Thailand Ok Chaiyo Hosting
Kiev, Ukraine Ok Hvosting
Amsterdam, Netherlands Ok PDhost
Moscow, Russia Ok Host-Food
SPb, Russia Ok
London, UK Ok PremiumReseller
Moscow, Russia Ok
Kansas City, MO, US Ok JWN Media
Kiev, Ukraine Ok ProstoHosting LLC
Amsterdam, Netherlands Paused Hostmaster, Ltd.
Singapore, Singapore Paused PremiumReseller
Falkenstein, Germany Down Provisov.Net
London, UK Down GLXHost#
Kiev, Ukraine Down HOSTED#
Los Angeles, CA, US Down West Cost Hosting#
Gunzenhausen, Germany Down aBajt#
Toronto, ON, CA Down OnyxNetUa
Gdansk, Poland Down HCX Hosting
Bloomsburg, PA, US Down indonetmedia#
Lansing, MI, US Down Rioserver#
Haarlem, Netherlands Down Steadyhost#
Kiev, Ukraine Down ITQua#
Moscow, Russia Down JustHost#
Dallas, TX, US Down Eskhosting#
Kiev, Ukraine Down GiperHost
SPb, Russia Down Indahost#
Montreal, Quebec, Ca Down
Seattle, WA, US Down OH Web Hosting#
Kharkiv, Ukraine Down ITL#
New York, NY, US Down Webhosting#
London, UK Down VirtualSplits#
Los Angeles, CA, US Down PremiumReseller
London, UK Down HostLinc#
Nurnberg, Germany Down
Kiev, Ukraine Down ABCname#
Paris, France Down IntoHost#
Gunzenhausen, Germany Down FastHost#
Frankfurt, Germany Down AllServ.Net.UA#
Paris, France Down Cyber Snake Ltd#
Moscow, Russia Down MNW.RU
Jakarta, Indonesia Down Nicosoft Media#
Kiev, Ukraine Down Neohost#
Kansas City, MO, US Down LLC#
Kiev, Ukraine Down
Falkenstein, Germany Down
Atlanta, GA, US Down
SPb, Russia Down WebsaitInfo#
Jona, Switzerland Down ComunidadHosting
Oklahoma city, OK, US Down KVC HOSTING#
Erfurt, Germany Down VHosting Solution LLC#
Munich, Germany Down
Kiev, Ukraine Down iPROsrv
Moscow, Russia Down Rascal#
Simferopol, Ukraine Down
Kiev, Ukraine Down Stop DDoS
Falkenstein, Germany Down Rascal#
Nurnberg, Germany Down
Kharkiv, Ukraine Down HyperHosting#
Portland, OR, US Down
Amsterdam, Netherlands Down
Kiev, Ukraine Down
Kiev, Ukraine Down TheHost
Amsterdam, Netherlands Down Netaction Telecom SRL
Yekaterinburg, Russia Down

Some of the main criteria for the quality of data obtained as a result of monitoring sites and servers are the objectivity and accuracy of this data. To meet these criteria, the system must not only be based on the "right" algorithms, but also include a network of independent and geographically distributed monitoring points that are used to poll the resources being tested.

Our monitoring network
Total number of points:66
Axes:Evil and Good
Planets: Only the Earth so far. Waiting for offers from other planets
Continents: Bad with Antarctica and Africa so far
Countries: CA, Ca, France, German, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, US, Ukraine
Cities:Amsterdam, Atlanta, Bangkok, Bloomsburg, Buffalo, Dallas, Erfurt, Falkenstein, Frankfurt, Gdansk, Gunzenhausen, Haarlem, Jakarta, Jona, Kansas City, Kharkiv, Kiev, Lansing, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New York, Nurnberg, Oklahoma city, Paris, Portland, SPb, Seattle, Simferopol, Singapore, Toronto, Yekaterinburg

Having enough monitoring points and also a smart control algorithm, we bring to nothing failures and errors related to situations when separate points are down or when one or several points give completely or partially inaccurate information.

Checking the specified resource from a lot of points at once gives a general idea about the bandwidth of the channels this or that server is connected to, its stability and the capability to cope with the load. The analysis of the results makes it possible to find bottlenecks in the operation of a web server.

We create our network on the partnership basis. Thanks a lot to all our partners and friends, it is their participation that helped to build this large monitoring network. If you would also like to have a hand in this good deed, we are always open for cooperation.

We have the largest monitoring network
Count of nodes: 66
Hosting Partners: 11

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