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Do you become aware of problems with your site only from the reaction of indignant clients or an extreme drop in sales?

With the HostTracker you are the first to know about any fault that may occur!

How does our Service Work?

We have several monitoring points all over the world. Once you are registered with the service and the parameters of the monitoring are set, our system starts checking the specified resource periodically, and, should an access error occur, your site will be checked by all other monitoring points. Should these attempts fail, you will immediately be notified of the problem by an e-mail or SMS message.

We will keep track of your site’s operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Using several monitoring points eliminates the chance of false alarms, i.e. when access problems are caused not by your resource, but by the lack of proper connection between our system and your site. When an error is detected, the system keeps checking the status of the resource and as soon as it becomes accessible again, a message about its restored functionality and the time of unavailability is sent to you.

Why Do You Need It?

Stability is one of the main image constituents, thus operation stability and accessibility of your site is part and parcel of your company’s image. Prompt response to any contingency allows for minimizing downtime for both your site and your business.

Main Features of the System

  • Monitoring an unlimited number of resources;
  • Distributed monitoring;
  • Monitoring periodevery 1/5/15/30/60 minutes;
  • Possible monitoring of CGI scripts’ operation;
  • The HEAD/POST/GET HTTP-methods support;
  • Ability to specify parameters passed to a CGI script;
  • Keyword presence control on a page;
  • Ability to specify keywords by regular expressions;
  • Ability to specify an unlimited number of addresses for server error notifications;
  • Accumulation of statistics with further reporting;
  • Ability to “open” reports on one or several of your resources to public;
  • No limit to report storage time;
  • Ability to receive specified (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) reports to your e-mail address automatically;
  • Time-zone adjustment enabled;
  • Reports accurate within days;
  • Ability to store check logs;
  • Ability to receive error notifications both to your e-mail address and to your cell-phone via SMS;
  • Resource accessibility instant check.

To Promo-Site Owners

Internet users ratr a company's image by how well their web site works. If it works poorly, a poor image is presented.

To On-line Shop and Web-Service Owners

Companies selling goods and services via their sites are especially sensitive even to short-term failures and downtimes; in addition to harming the company’s image, these events also may cause considerable financial losses.

To Hosting Providers

One of the most customer attracting characteristics of a hosting-providing company is its uptime, the parameter indicating the accessibility of this particular provider’s servers. In this case, our service can be very useful as the source of independent analysis of your sites’ accessibility.

Make use of our service and enjoy the unique opportunity to control your site’s operation in the most efficient way; respond to any contingency.

Detailed statistics accumulated through monitoring one or more of your sites can be made “open” to public and help your prospective clients estimate the stability and quality of the service you provide.

To Minor-Site Owners

A small or medium sized company may find it more profitable to lease some space for the site from a professional hosting company. Unfortunately, sometimes the main page phrase “Our servers’ uptime is 99.999%” conceals the real facts. We can provide you with objective information on the hosting company’s operation and help you avoid any unpleasant surprises afterwards, for example, when the provider’s server is down and you cannot do anything about it. You don’t want to lose control of the situation, do you? The data you receive using our service can determine precisely whether you are going to work with this particular hosting provider or you should look for another one.

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