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If your company provides hosting services, you can take part in our monitoring network and become our hosting partner. To become our hosting partner, please publish a partnership button at your site and create a virtual host with the following parameters:

  • 100Mb of disk space;
  • 1Gb of bandwidth;
  • Linux;
  • SSH;
  • cgi script support.

Note that SSH access is obligatory!

As to the load of the server, our software uses processor time really economically. During a request, the processor is loaded for 1-2% only. Requests are received once in a 10-20 seconds on average.

The virtual host should be associated with a domain of the following type:

[city]-ht.[your company domain]

[city] is the city where the data center with your server is located, [company] is the name of your company.

If you use Plesk or any other control panel where the home directory of a user is write-protected, please create the following files and directories in the home directory of the newly created account:
  • Files: .bash_history, .bash_profile, .bashrc, .profile
  • Folder: .ssh

For example, if the name of the new user is ht, execute the following commands to create the necessary files:

cd ~ht
mkdir .ssh
touch .bash_history .bash_profile .bashrc .profile
chown ht:ht .bash_history .bash_profile .bashrc .profile .ssh

It should be done under the root user.

After you send us the registration information, we will install all the necessary software within several days, include your host in our monitoring network and add you to the list of our partners.

Use the following template for sending us the registration information:

Domain name:
Control panel name:
SSH port:
URL for access to control panel:
Path to public html:
Path to cgi-bin:
Datacenter name:
Datacenter city:
Datacenter country:
Datacenter state:
Your company name:
Your company url:
Your site language:
Your name:
Your email:
Your country:

You can find buttons in the attached files. Use the following code to publish them on your page:

Send all your cooperation questions to .

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